Chilled & Frozen Transport at You Chill We Deliver

Maintaining the perfect temperature is as essential as the delivery itself. You Chill We Deliver is at the forefront of providing specialized chilled, frozen, and ambient food delivery services, ensuring that from farm to fork, the freshness and quality of your produce is our top priority.

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Temperature Precision for Ultimate Freshness

Our diverse fleet is equipped to handle a wide range of temperature requirements, ensuring your products remain at their optimal condition throughout transit:

  • Chilled Deliveries (+4°C): Perfect for dairy, fresh produce, and other perishables, our chilled delivery services ensure that your goods arrive as fresh as they were when dispatched.
  • Frozen Deliveries (-18°C): Our frozen transport solutions are ideal for meats, seafood, and other items requiring stringent cold conditions to maintain quality and safety.
  • Ambient Deliveries (+20°C): For goods that need to be kept at room temperature, our ambient delivery ensures a stable environment, safeguarding the integrity of your products.

Versatile Capacity and Reach

We understand that delivery needs vary from a single carton of artisanal cheese to full loads of commercial produce. That’s why our capacity is as flexible as your needs, ranging from 1 carton up to 14 standard pallets. Our fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles spans from nimble small vans to robust 18-tonne rigid, ready to transport your goods with the utmost care.

Chilled & Frozen Transport


Chilled & Frozen Delivery Services

Our fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art temperature control systems, capable of maintaining a temperature range of -25 to +30. This flexibility allows us to cater to pharmaceutical products that require chilled (+2 to +8) or frozen (-25 or lower) conditions.

Dual Temperature Vehicles

With 80% of our vehicles being dual temperature, we offer unparalleled versatility in our transport services. This means that we can transport different products with different temperature requirements in the same vehicle, ensuring the ideal temperature is maintained for each product throughout the journey.

GDP Compliance in Chilled & Frozen Transport

We adhere to the principles of Good Distribution Practice (GDP) in all our transport services, including chilled and frozen transport. We maintain the highest standards to ensure the quality and integrity of medicines are preserved throughout the supply chain.

Serving Europe and the UK

Whether it's for the delivery of vaccines or other temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products, we can deliver them promptly and safely across Europe and the UK. Our commitment is to ensure your products arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

Comprehensive Service Spectrum

Our commitment to your needs is reflected in the breadth of services we offer:

Multi-temperature Vehicle Fleet

Catering to deliveries that require varied temperature settings within a single transit.

Pan-European Reach

Expanding our services to include chilled and ambient van delivery to the UK and Europe, facilitating your business's growth beyond borders.

Urgent and Emergency Logistics

For those critical moments when time is of the essence, we offer same-day and emergency collections and deliveries, as well as transport for urgent orders.

Specialized Transport

Safe and secure transport of samples and high-value loads, ensuring that even the most delicate or valuable goods are handled with care.

Event Support

Extending our logistics expertise to market research and public relations events, we provide reliable support that ensures your event's success.

At You Chill We Deliver, we don’t just move goods—we ensure that they travel in the perfect conditions to arrive at their destination as intended. Whether it’s the meticulous handling of chilled delicacies, the secure transport of frozen items, or the careful maintenance of ambient goods, our services are tailored to preserve the excellence of your products.

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