Our Commitment to GDP Compliance

At You Chill We Deliver, our commitment to Good Distribution Practice (GDP) is at the core of our operations. GDP is a set of guidelines that ensure the quality and integrity of medicines throughout the supply chain, from production to delivery to the final recipient.

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What is GDP?

Good Distribution Practice (GDP) describes the minimum standards that a wholesale distributor must meet to ensure that the quality and integrity of medicines are maintained throughout the supply chain. Compliance with GDP ensures that:

  • Medicines in the supply chain are authorised in accordance with European Union (EU) legislation.
  • Medicines are stored in the right conditions at all times, including during transportation.
  • Contamination by or of other products is avoided.
  • An adequate turnover of stored medicines takes place.
  • The right products reach the right addressee within a satisfactory time period.

Our Adherence to GDP

As a certified pharmaceutical transport service, we strictly adhere to these guidelines in all our operations. This involves maintaining the right conditions for storage and transportation, avoiding contamination, ensuring adequate turnover of stored medicines, and making sure that the right products reach the right recipients within a satisfactory time period.

Ensuring Traceability

Another crucial aspect of GDP is traceability. The distributor should also put in place a tracing system to enable finding faulty products and an effective recall procedure. We have robust systems in place to trace the movement of every item we handle and have an efficient recall procedure, ensuring rapid response in the unlikely event of any issues.

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